Trend Report | The Tiara designed for a Princess… The Boucheron Tiara is our obsession of the day..

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Bridal Couture.. By High Jewellery icon, Boucheron…

The-Accessories-Guild has an obsession for high jewellery. For our first feature, the Tiara Princess Eugenie wore on her wedding day, is our new obsession of the day.

The Tiara is from the jewellery house of Boucheron and is from the 1919 era. A design era made famous by the Imperial Court of Russia.

This particular Boucheron Tiara was handed from Margeret Greville to Queen Elizabeth in 1942. Which in turn her Majesty handed down to Princess Eugenie to add a ‘something borrowed’ style to her wedding day.

Princess Eugenie on her wedding day wearing the Margeret Greville Tiara:

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.26.33 pm

The tiara is set on platinum and features clusters of pink diamonds surrounding six emeralds.

The decision to not have a veil adjoining the tiara is one of the best style choices of 2018.

The choice to wear this particular tiara was one of pure simplicity and elegance. A true Princess statement.

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