About Us

The-Accessories-Guild.com, is an online magazine bringing you the latest trends in accessories from around the globe. Our contributors are experts at keeping our readers up-to-date with current accessories news. Remember, ‘It’s not about how much you spend it’s about how you wear it that counts. The key is to dress up inexpensive basics with statement-making accessories. We provide the opportunity for you to capture effortless style.’

We give you the opportunity to indulge your cravings for eye-catching accessories.

Created by Samantha Delaney-Saretta, the founder and head designer of the boldest statement in costume jewellery, ‘The Bling Society’. The-Accessories-Guild is here to capture iconic fashion styles, the elegance of world trends and inspire readers to elevate classic looks into lasting impressions.

Posts by our experienced fashion contributors, will represent inspirations from fashion shows, runways, magazine editorials, photo shoots, and accessory brands worldwide.

The team at the Accessories Guild have a well-trained eye for fashion. They are skilled, talented and experienced in analysing worldwide leading trends. Here they will analyse prominent organisations, magazines, industry experts, websites, television programs and fashion leaders from around the globe, sorting the fads from the faux pas to ensure they write the best entries about the best products for our readers.

Now that you’ve arrived, you have, come to the experienced and fashion educated Accessories Guild team for an expert’s view on all things accessories. Direct from our fashion head-quarters we will tell you what’s hot before it steps on the catwalk.

This website is for people who like to accessorise and are keen to satisfy their fashion passion. If you live for the art of dress or are trying to find that one accessory to turn an everyday outfit into an outfit with STYLE, then be…

Guided by the Guild!

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