Trend Report | Milan Fashion Week. Gucci Opened with a Style performance like no other..


Performance Art.. Gucci’s MFW runway…

As a Gucci Advisor of the past, (the one who asked for Vintage Gucci to make a come back, it finally has this season in Tees and I am thrilled) I am loving the ever evolving Alessandro Michele style. Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week with a combined fashion parade. With both woman and man parading 119 key looks down the runway.

The show was pure magic from the start.  Purple curtains, a greenhouse, and a mirror pyramid. It was a performance like no other.  It was a vintage runway show of the past.  You know, the show’s that everyone loved to go to. The one’s that the A-List beg to attend, not because they had to, because they want to be SEEN at the best.  This was the show.

Gucci was on point, with all key trends of the season.  The colour trend, the design trend and with key looks having an editorial edge make Alessandro Michele the greatest designer of his generation.

Gucci was the stand out of all shows across NYFW, LFW and MFW, to see more from Gucci Runway here :

Be Guided by the Guild.

Samantha Delaney-Saretta.

Accessories Contributor.

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