Trend Report | Bond. James Bond…

Marko TF144 Sunglasses RRP $470 by Tom Ford.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond films which began in 1962 with the release of Dr. No. While the character of Bond was presented to us in Ian Fleming’s novels sometime earlier, these films propelled the hero into the fashion sub-conscious by bringing to life the stylistic qualities of 007.

After 23 installments there have been numerous fashion items the secret agent has used and manipulated to exhibit his expensive tastes. As always cars, watches, suits and women are at the core, but this time round sunglasses make the Bond statement. The latest Bond film Skyfall comes with many suits and dresses to cast one’s eye over, just as Bond himself would take a glance at what stands behind the gowns, but in true Bond style he would be doing this without detection while wearing his Tom Ford Marko TF144 sunglasses. A covert operation in the form of shining eyewear!

Not only do Bond’s sunglasses seem comfortable and lightweight, they look sleek and sophisticated. Wearing them would be half the challenge as the temptation would be to spend all your time looking at them, (or searching them for a Bond secret gadget!). It is reported that Daniel Craig wore these sunglasses on location while filming, even in scenes which did not require Bond to have them on, such is the allure they exude.  It seems they are always ready for action, but it’s best if they are not shaken nor stirred.

Tom Ford Marko TF144 Sunglasses RRP $470.00.  There are 5 different models available within the range, and they are;

Model 18V Silver with a shiny Rhodium base
Model 28P Rose Gold, Model o9J Matte Anthracite
Model 08B Shiny Anthracite
Model 14D Light Grey

Lenses available also come in different colours in contrast with the frames.  The colours range from light blue to green.

Be Guided By the Guild.

James Hyatt (Menswear Contributor)

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