Trend Report | The Golden Age. By today’s fashion empires…

The Golden Age... by today's fashion empires...

The Golden Age.. by today’s fashion empires…

Using gold and white as colours that complement one another dates back to ancient times, where the pristine marble whites of the buildings were subtly decorated with gleaming yellow-gold leaf; representing the wealth and abundance of these sprawling empires. Now, the new empires, Bulgari and Saint Laurent, are looking to recreate this ancient glamour.

It is by no coincidence that these items, glamorous pieces of yellow gold with white accessories, instil in our minds images of Greco Roman times. It was a custom of the era to only wear simple, yet elegant white garments, and then to dress them up with flashes of elegant gold jewellery.

Spring 2013 is about to be released from the shackles of winter and into an array of purified white and gold. While spring is all about colour and exuberance, the trends for this year suggest that only the most elegant shades of gold and white will survive, until winter comes again.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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