Trend Report | Diamonds. When love is lost, turn to your true friends…

The Great Gatsby Gems.

Diamonds.. When love is lost, turn to your true friends…

F. Scott Fitzgerald conveys to his readers the realities of 1920’s American society. To help the audience understand this era better, Fitzgerald weaves his narrative through the vibrant streets of New York, telling us all of a time of lust, wealth and class.

But what do we really learn from this classic? While Daisy Buchanan’s love irrationally flows from her husband Tom, to her lover Jay, only one thing remains by her side the entire time… diamonds.

Featuring in last weeks blog, (‘The Great Gatsby’ Tiffany collection.. a timeless homage to an extravagant era… (17/5/13)) ‘The Great Gatsby’ Tiffany + Co collection is the buzz of the fashion world. Last week you heard about it here, now you can indulge in this two-page spread by Italian magazine Passioni.

Can’t read Italian? No problem! Who doesn’t secretly love picture books more…

‘The Great Gatsby can be seen as a metaphor for the Roaring ‘20’s in America. We spoke to the director, the costume designer and the jewellery designer from the film about the stunning items of jewellery that are now being showcased in esteemed designer collections around the world. And what do the rest of us do?… We can only dream. ~ Antonio Machinelli: Passioni Magazine ‘

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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