Trend Report | Vast Vaudeville Variety. Jimmy Choo Shoes…

Jimmy Choo New Accessories Range

Delta Boots and Biker L Handbag.. by Jimmy Choo 2013-14…

Rolling off your tongue and into your wardrobe, Jimmy Choo Shoes look, feel and sound like pieces of fashion royalty. The mastery of the Jimmy Choo label is that flamboyance is always achieved without looking tacky.

Designing a shoe is one thing, but to have it all in emerald green is a completely different challenge. This is something that the designers at Jimmy Choo do so well. Unique to this brand alone is how all of the pumps look to have come from different designers, such is the vast variation provided in the Choo range.

Stronger still for this established label is the way the shoes are so delicately accompanied by the handbags and clutches from the Malaysian-Chinese designer. Once again, the emerald green looks like a masterstroke, and some of the other bags in the line, such as the black, emerald and blue shoulder bag, are a magnificent throwback to generations past.

Fetching top dollar is the multi-coloured, multi-faceted ‘Biker L: Floral Printed Python Shoulder Bag.’ For a small fortune of $4000 the Biker L bag could be yours along with the most eye catching item from the photo display above, the ‘Delta: Black Suede Lattice Peep Toe Boots’ coming in at approximately $2000.

Release your inner extrovert with this vast variety of vaudeville inspired perfect pumps.

Biker L:


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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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