Trend Report | Bamboo is Back. Gucci Revives a Classic..

Picture 4

Bamboo Black Leather Top Handle Bag.. by Gucci…

Since the mid 1990s when Bamboo was last in fashion, lots of things have changed. We all drive in hovercrafts, people live on the moon, and Nirvana – courtesy of scientific research in regards to bringing people back from the dead – have just released their 4th album.

OK, I’ve made a mistake of confusing what I want the future to be with what it actually is. So, since not much has changed, if you were smart enough, you will be able to pull out your old bamboo bag, and pass it off as brand new and on trend. Fashion trends come and go, and the most recent to come back to life is the use of bamboo on handbags.

Responsible for this movement is Gucci. Made in Italy, the Bamboo Shopper Collection combines leather and bamboo seamlessly. Well, not quite seamlessly (as you can see in the video link below showing the construction of the bag), but you get the idea. Featured above is the “Bamboo Black Leather Top Handle Bag” and is yours for approximately $2400.

So, while the world we want in the future may not quite be here yet, aspects of the world we love, like this bag, are ready to come back!

Watch a similar design of the bag get put together here:

The Bamboo Black Leather Top Handle Bag:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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