Trend Report | Fashion Week Debate. Colour or Clarity?..

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Flamboyance or Purity.. Spring 2014…

Two of the biggest fashion weeks in the world have just come to a conclusion, London and New York, and there is one question that needs answering. Is Spring 2014 about brash colour or pure white?

From what I can observe, the fashion labels themselves aren’t really sure. Calvin Klein for example displayed some very simple and elegant white dresses, but also had some very fluorescent and bright designs. But not only were they bright, but they were also very simple. So, the plot thickens. Not only is Spring 2014 a battle between pure whites and brash colours, but it’s also a debate between simplicity and intricate designs.

So should the dress be full of different colours, or should it just be pure, displaying only one or two colours? If you ask me, the very essence of Spring is rebirth, starting-over. Spring is a time of exploration, you can wear whatever you want, because it’s Spring. Spring is about experimenting and trying new things.

What should you wear in Spring 2014? Whatever you want.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week:

London Fashion Week:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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