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Oh Boy.. Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2014…

If you could copyright a look, the lead singer of the Culture Club, Boy George, would be in court very soon with French Designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

In his homage to the stars of the past, Gaultier’s “Let’s dance with the Stars” features costumes that imitate famous songstresses Amy Winehouse, Sandy from the Musical ‘Grease,’ and Diana Ross. The collection, much like the famous personas they represent, is a bit left of centre. The designs are very liberal, very courageous and on occasion, quite raunchy.

Many people in the world aspire to be like their favourite celebrities, but to look exactly like them is perhaps a bit too much. A great way to imitate is through the use of accessories. Key to Boy George’s look is the way he would use bangles, his hats and his hair ties. This look is imitated very well in the picture above.

Gaultier unleashed this collection at the most recent Paris Fashion Week, and the catwalk was certainly one of the more out-there catwalks that I have seen this year. I’m not sure if the fashion was designed with the purpose of selling a tonne of outfits, or whether it was Gaultier trying to get the attention, once more, of the fashion world.

See if here for yourself:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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