Trend Report | Fashion Month Review. Genny steals the limelight…

Genny 2014.26 PM copy

Genny.. The best of the World Fashion Weeks…

Fashion month has come and gone. Over 4 consecutive weeks of fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris have all come to an end. Squeezed in there was the beginning of the Award season, with the Emmy’s going to air only a week or so ago. With all of that going on, we have one question to answer. What have we learnt about the new accessories trends?

New York and Michael Kors kicked off the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with some love for hand bags. The models strutted their stuff with a huge amount of confidence in their bold outfits.

In London we saw a much purer outlook on the Spring of 2014, with many bright floral patterns dominating the catwalk for Mulberry. The Accessories revolved around colourful shoes, and much more refined and minimalistic handbags.

The stakes were raised in Milan as some of the more adventurous designers began to reveal their hand. It was in Milan that The-Accessories-Guild’s favourite catwalk was staged. The mesmerising collection from Genny was a stand out for their bold colours. They epitomised what Spring 2014 will be, a season of free expression, with their pastel colours contrasting well with more purer designs. The presence of chains as part of the Genny accessories comes as no surprise/

Rounding the Fashion Month off was the Paris Fashion Week. Always known to be a bit more daring than the other Fashion Weeks, Paris and its designers showed exactly why the city of love stands out. Many of the outfit designs were very quirky and fun.

The Emmy’s were a bit of a let down for the accessories world, with many of the most prominent actresses in hollywood opting to go without any statement making jewellery. Many still pulled off some stunning dresses.

Watch some of the backstage footage from Genny here:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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