Trend Report | Henry Poole and Co. Swords and all..

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The Asscher Diamond Pendant. Classic Harry Winston..

If clothes make the man, then who makes the clothes? Most probably Henry Poole. Established in 1806, Henry Poole & Co. is one of the stand out family-run fashion houses in the world. Ever since its humble beginnings over 200 years ago, the Poole and Cundey family have maintained control over their family’s legacy.

If you don’t quite buy into the rich history of this brand, then have a look at one of the links below that gives a glimpse into some of the more famous clients Henry Poole & Co. have designed for.

Apart form the exuberant design and production quality of their suits, what sets them apart from all of the other brands in the world is their range of accessories. Not only do they have lavish silk scarves, gleaming cummerbunds and endearing cufflinks, but they also have a range of swords. Why not?

If James Bond was set in the 19th Century, and they had dress up parties in the 19th century, I would definitely go to Henry Poole & Co., meet the founder himself, and then put him to work designing his best 19th Century James Bond tux, with a resplendent sword, of course.

It is believed that Henry Poole & Co. were the first to design what we now know as the dinner jacket, making Poole & Co. The birthplace of the modern tuxedo.

Henry Poole & Co. Hall of Fame:

Don’t forget your sword:


Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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