Trend Report | Giorgio Armani 2014. Purple Perfection..


Royalty.. Armani 2014…

Purple is mysterious. Purple is also rich and luxurious. It’s a colour patented by Willy Wonka, worn by Roman Emperors and used prominently to show off grandiose levels of wealth. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Giorgio Armani has decked out his latest collection in Purple.

This recent accessories collection encompasses tidy clutch bags, hefty hand bags and petite purple pumps, in what can only be seen as a renaissance for the violet shade. If purple really is the colour of royalty then get onto the Armani e-store and find your jubilee diamond. I really like the flexibility of purple. Light purple is a perfect colour for a spring day, and dark purple is equally perfect for a night out on the town. Mix up the length of the heel, and what you have is a collection of shoes suitable for any occasion.

Actually, at the time of writing, this new collection is yet to go live on Armani’s online store, so make sure you check back regularly in anticipation for the release of this new perfect, purple collection.

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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