Trend Report | Saint Laurent 2014. Feeling Courageous?..


Permanent Collection S2013.. by  Saint Laurent Paris

Some months ago we reviewed the work currently going on at Saint Laurent. We concluded that it was a bit gothic-emo (lots of black, with lots of studs) and that it didn’t offer much on top of that. So, now that all of the major fashion labels of the world have revealed their hands for Spring 2014, has anything changed from Saint Laurent?

Not really. There’s lots of blacks, there’s more studs than a professional sporting team, and there’s even a bag (bottom left) that looks like a mace. And to my knowledge, nothing says gothic-emo quite like mace-shaped paraphernalia.

What Saint Laurent does do, is provide a clear alternative on the market place. There is not a whole heap of other high level brands that are putting out designs quite like these. This raises both positives and negatives. Positives being, if you wanted to buy this style of clothing, there is only one place to go, Saint Laurent. Negatives being, some of these accessories might not match well with other fashion labels and if buying smart is your thing, then these accessories might seem a bit inflexible.

It would be boring if everyone looked the same, so if you’re feeling courageous, take the plunge and commit to the look that Saint Laurent are currently presenting. If anything, you’d certainly stand out.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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