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On Trend.. Philipp Plein 2014…

I don’t think I’ve spent as much time on a fashion website, without looking at anything remotely fashion related, since I visited This website belongs to cook-y German, Philipp Plein. I was initially drawn to his website via a metallic collection of his I viewed online, but was then stuck on his website playing games that revolve around the man himself. Perhaps a young infatuation with Atari has led to Plein’s game designs, but either way, they are great fun to play.

What about his fashion? It’s just cool. Really cool. The shades he uses in his collections are very modern, and the designs he produces are easily described as fun. Of all the accessories currently being worn, it seems that shoes are really the boom item. Sneakers, boat shoes, sandals and moccasins make up all of the different styles of shoes currently on trend in the fashion world.

Another feature of Plein’s work is his jogging collection. If you thought Adidas and Nike were a bit pricey, wait until you see these price tags. But, there are plenty of people who go to the gym to look good, and not to work out, so I suppose these are the clothes for them.

Here is my score from the Find Philip Plein game: I’m in #178, 42744 points!

Here is the jogging wear:

Here are the shoes:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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