Trend Report | David Webb 2014. Kaleidoscope Colours..

David Webb

Shelter Island Ring.. David Webb…

The Kaleidoscope collection by David Webb is a fresh and stunning range of fashion jewellery. Your jaw will drop at both the price and the design of these rings, as you are blown away by the creativity of the New York based Jewellery company.

On the model’s right hand is the Shelter Island Diamond that can be purchased online for a small fee of $65,500. On the other hand sits the Montauk Ring, which has its price disclosed. The entirety of the range encapsulates all kinds of different colours and designs, with my personal favourite being the Candy Corn Ring II. It is priced a little more modestly than the Shelter Island Diamond, only fetching a fee of around $44,000.

The Webb collections featured on his ‘webb’site highlight the variety of the designs. An interesting collection to look at is the ‘Manhattan Minimalist.’ I really enjoyed browsing over the collection, redefining the way we may view minimalism.

Browse through the Kaleidoscope collection here:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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