Trend Report | Anticipating Class. Burberry’s 2015 Spring Runway…

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Refined or bold.. Can’t it be both?…

We are in the midst of London Fashion Week, and some of the biggest names in world fashion are about to unleash their styles for Spring 2015.

Later today Burberry and their ‘chief creative officer’ Christopher Bailey will be aiming to live up to the anticipation that is the Burberry Spring collection. Like many of the world’s biggest brands, Burberry already have an established image, so the challenge isn’t necessarily creating a new Spring look, but redefining their current image. So we can anticipate the trench coats, the scarves and the totes, but how they will be presented is the important question.

As we have lamented many times here on The-Accessories-Guild, accessories are a great way to liven up your outfit. So for Burberry, while they might need to keep the clothing more restrained, perhaps they could let loose with some eye catching accessories.

From early indications we can guess that Burberry will be bigger and better when it comes to accessories. Bags as deep as Mary Poppins’, big and bold buttons, and delicate shoes. While the end product can’t quite be predicted yet, anything less than pure class would be a real surprise.

Keep your eyes peeled for the London Fashion Week Burberry runway here:


Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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