Trend Report | Roberto Coin Jewellery… Vitality and Innovation..

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Black Jade.. It’s Black with Jade…

The name says it all. Everything about Roberto Coin and his jewellery suggests money, but not the coin kind of money, nor the note kind… we’re talking cheques and credit cards.

Relatively new to the fashion world, Roberto Coin, as a brand, has only existed since 1996. But all you have to do is peruse through their numerous collections to understand how they’ve grown from nothing to one of the biggest jewellery names in Italy, and therefore, the world.

The most recent collection, Black Jade, starts from only 1,500 euros for the earrings (bottom right), but gets a bit more pricey, with the necklace pricing in at 8,230 euros.

These Coins are great for a night out with friends when colour and vitality are the way to go.

Watch this great behind the scenes video of how jewellery shoots come together:

Here’s the Black Jade collection:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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