Trend Report | Personalised Prada… 2015 is Made to Measure..

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Mix and match..  Fit to your needs…

We’ve covered “cool” Prada shoes on The-Accessories-Guild before, and this is no exception. Prada’s “made-to-measure” shoes give a personalised feel previously reserved for the bigger names in the world.

Michael Jordan and Nike have the Air Jordan’s, Le Bron is catching up with his own shoes, and it’s not uncommon for even the mainstream sports star to have their name or initials inscribed on the side of their shoes. So as the fashion world tries to make the exclusive options, more accessible, Prada have come out with this line of customisable derbies.

A huge chunk of the colour spectrum is covered in this made to measure collection. You can get yellow and soothing blue shoes with a black base, or you can get a more eye-catching silver or gold pair as well. The options are there to suit your needs.

Personalised Derbies by Prada:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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