Trend Report | The Designer That Shook Up NYFW. Christian Soriano style..


Designer Diversity… by Christian Soriano..

Breaking down barriers by sending a diverse range of models down the runway in his Spring 2017 showing at NYFW, Christian Siriano has started what could be a revolution in the way we see fashion being designed and presented. Models of all shapes, sizes and colours hit the runway to show off his latest collection as Siriano set out to prove that clothes look great on women of all sizes.

During the casting process Siriano requested to see as many different types of women as possible in order to create a well-rounded show. Speaking of the casting process Siriano said, “When we did the casting, I just told the casting director I wanted to see as many girls as possible, from all different cultures and backgrounds, all mixed together. It was so much fun.”

Siriano has a longer-term goal of normalising this type of diversity on the runway and a more accepting attitude towards plus sized fashion in retail stores. Working on a capsule collection with plus sized retailer Lane Bryant, whom he praises highly for their accessible inclusive range is part of this push to normalise the different body shapes in fashion.

Siriano’s attitude towards beautiful clothing for a wide range of women has been met by much praise for celebrities including Leslie Jones. Jones had great difficulty finding a designer willing to work with her on a dress for the premier of Ghostbusters and after tweeting about her difficulties; Siriano jumped right in and offered his help. Along with some great celebrity support Siriano also had an outpouring of support on Twitter from people who were pleased to see a representation of all women in the Spring ’17 show.

While so many support Siriano’s approach he is aware that it may take some time before this type of body diversity hits the mainstream fashion world. Siriano said of this, “It’s different now, but it will be normal one day to see every size on a runway and in the front row and at fashion week and events.” Siriano has made a major statement this NYFW and has paved the way for more designers, new and established to include models of all body types in their shows and presentations.

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Madeline Nimeh

Accessories Contributor.

From @madelineloves_

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