Trend Report | Cartier’s Dragon. Power never looked so good…


Forget me not.. Dragon Necklace by Cartier…

Sprawling across a collection of Chinese newspapers is this absolutely otherworldly piece by Cartier. Why the editor decided to have the jewellery shot over the newspapers could be for many reasons: symbolic of the growing wealth in China, because China is the homeland of the Dragon, or perhaps because the big European designers are viewing China as the next big fashion market.

There is no hiding this piece. It is not meant to be worn modestly, nor is it meant to be worn gracefully. This piece sits on the neck of a powerful woman with the world at her feet. The diamonds, the ruby eyes and the pink beads are all so dominating… just trying to picture someone wearing this item inspires images of a real ‘dragon’ tycoon.

Complementing the Dragon necklace is a set of Adler earrings. To me, this piece – made with diamonds, sapphire gems and yellow gold – is not as regal as the necklace, but it is still very beautiful. This is a perfect example of how the materials used in a piece of jewellery don’t immediately dictate the beauty of them. As glamorous as the Adler earrings are, they only serve to compliment Cartier’s stunningly mythical Dragon.

Be Guided By the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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