Trend Report | The Necessity of Variety. Dior has your Wardrobe Covered…


Dior.. Handbag Collection 2013-14…

This Dior range goes by the motto, “if you keep throwing mud, eventually some of it will stick.” Not saying that any of these designs are mud or something dirty, but the sheer variety of this range (25 handbags and clutches) means that there is something there for you.

The contrast of this line is quite stark. Some of the bags are slim, dark and refined, while others are more bold, bright and colourful.

I personally find the high heel design to be quite cute and endearing, especially matched with the petite handles.

The snakeskin clutch is quite unique, and the handle for it makes it look like it could be used as a weapon. The two high heel clutches are pushing the boundaries of practical. They are tiny bags, and I don’t think you would want change for your coffee because coins wouldn’t fit in this bag.

With variety a necessity in our ever-changing lives, who wouldn’t want to have a brand new Dior everyday of the month?

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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