Trend Report | Are Suits Tying you Down? Sorry, but they are here to stay…


Suits & Ties.. Are here to stay?…

“Apart from the occasional eccentric burst from Avant-Garde designers, the men’s suit and tie seems to be the fashion destiny of today’s male. Which doesn’t sit well with true freedom.”

Fortunately my suit jacket pocket has a wonderfully styled kerchief, so I can offer it to the person who wrote the previous quote, as they seem so trapped in their suit… poor thing.

Personally, I don’t see a need to sign a petition denouncing the suit, I don’t see the need to fly to Milan to picket outside the Via Monte Napoleone, and I don’t see the need to tie myself to a manikin in a Men’s clothing store on a 30 day hunger strike because suits are “oppressing” me.

The suit may be a trademark of men’s fashion, and the last 4 generations preceding it, but any fashion conscious man knows there are plenty of nuances in a suit. Mixing colours, mixing cuts and mixing styles all dramatically affect the look of the suit.

Suits should be viewed as a blank canvas on which anybody can create. Not as a piece of clothing that is as constricting as the picture above suggests it to be.

The man ‘tied’ down by ties is a really smart picture and compliments the quote brilliantly. But I think it is a bit melodramatic. “True Freedom…” really? I don’t think Martin Luther King Jnr had a dream of a world without suits.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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