Trend Report | Sack the Coach! One bad decision could ruin the season…

Coach Thompson City Pack

City Pack.. by Coach 2013…

Unsurprisingly on sale (with free shipping) at the nearly 50% discount price of $297 (down from $497) is Coach’s Thompson Leather Colourblock city pack, colloquially known as a bumbag. Up until now I was unaware of the client base Coach had in Gym steroid dealers and retired European tourists, but the inclusion of this bag in their recent collection must clearly be a sign of the times, and what terrible times they are. It makes me wonder, for an extra five dollars will they throw in the zip lock bags and maps of Southern France?

Coming in an array of mismatched colours including turquoise, deep-sea blue and dead camel, the Coach collection truly raises a few eyebrows.  Every other bag currently displayed on Coach’s online store is neat, tasteful and stylish, with the odd exception of a wallet or two being a little indiscrete.

Coach is perceived as a stalwart of the fashion world, especially when it comes to leather goods. But, it must be encouraging for the up and coming labels in the fashion world to see the big boys shoot themselves in the foot every so often.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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