Trend Report | Winklepickers? Burberry’s Animal Print…


Winklepickers.. by Burberry 2013-14…

If men come from Mars and women come from Venus, then so must their shoes. In the realms of shoe design, what goes for women certainly doesn’t go for men. Highlighting this is Burberry’s new men’s shoe, the “Glossy Calfskin Winklepickers.”

There aren’t many men who could wear this, and those that can are probably in the Eddie Izzard category. While men’s fashion is slowly becoming more liberal and less constrained, moving from the classic black leather to Tanzanian road kill is too great a leap. For women, wearing an animal print shoe is nothing new and therefore an easier fashion decision to make. But for men, committing to this look requires a flexible wardrobe and a huge level of self-confidence.

Pricing in at $1,075, the Winklepickers are well made and audacious, but ultimately ask too much of the man pulling them on. I don’t want to sound too anti-british in saying this as well, but I think all of the recent sporting success has made the British over confident with their branding… the Glossy Calfskin Winklepickers… Really?

Burberry’s Autumn / Winter 2013 Campaign has only gone live in the last week, so be one of the first to pour through the new designs from the famous British Boutique.

Check it out here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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