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Merchandising Youtube

Youtube.. A new way of Merchandising…

Merchandising and expanding the label are something that celebrities, groups and organisations see as a necessity for their businesses. Take for example, Nirvana. Everyone knows at least someone that has the classic, washed-yellow Nirvana shirt. I know several people in my friend group who’s T-Shirts tell me that they ‘heart’ New York, and in the same way, I have plenty of friends who claim to frequent the Hard Rock Café in one of its many incarnations.

Merchandising is important for labels and is beginning to be seen more and more in the realms of YouTube. Increasing views or subscribers are obviously the first hurdles any YouTuber has to jump. The next step though is far more lucrative for expanding your label, your subscribers and of course, your pocket. This is of course, merchandise.

While T-Shirts are the most common garment sold, and seemingly the most flexible garment there is in terms of creativity and functionality, a few YouTubers are now making their foray into accessories. Most common in this technological age are iPhone cases. Operating off the website Rodeo Arcade, famous You Tube channels and personalities such as ‘Epic Rap Battles of History,’ Timothy DeLaGhetto and Shay Carl all have sold out items of merchandise. Commonly T-Shirts sell the best, but hats and phone cases also sell strongly. Never has individual paraphernalia been as big as it is today.

I personally think it’s great. Provided suppliers can be contacted, selling things as simple as shirts, iPhone cases and baseball caps allow the everyman to be creative in their own unique way. Selling yourself and your label has seemingly never been easier, as the amateur nature of YouTube highlights the most.

Now… I’m not saying everyone should have a phone case with a picture of themselves on it, but if in fact that is what I’m saying, here’s a link to get you started on mass producing your face:

For more information, “check the links below.”

Epic Rap Battles of History

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Shay Carl
YouTube: &

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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