Trend Report | Chains: a symbol of eternity. Will they last in fashion?…

Nicolas Kirkwood

The chain gang.. Nicolas Kirkwood Bootie $1270…

My very first post here on The-Accessories-Guild a few months ago covered the rise of the chain bracelet and necklace trend over the last two years. In the last three months since we discussed the rise of chains, the-Accessories-Guild has spotted some updates.

The Chain’s are now going beyond the realms of jewellery and are even appearing on handbags and shoes. As seen above on the Nicolas Kirkwood Bootie, the use of the gold chain with the white & black leather of the shoe, really adds a regal quality to the accessory.

What is making the chains such an icon in the current world of fashion is not quite clear. Is it the imagery of the links and the unity of the design, or is it the clunky nature and the weight of these chains that people find endearing about them? Perhaps the weight of the chains make people feel like they are exercising, therefore making them a little less disappointed in themselves when they inhale a doughnut or two after dinner.

All we know for sure, is that this accessory isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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