Trend Report | Tartan Reborn. Check Prints are Back!..

Tartan Mania

Tartan and Check.. Le Silla 2013…

Fashion and Buddhism don’t share a lot in common, but one thing they do share, is the belief that nothing stays dead. Reincarnated from either an eyesore Scottish kilt or a cowboy’s shirt comes a new fashion craze, the tartan and check print.

Featuring most prominently on shoes, tartan and check prints have really taken off in the last year. Arising only recently, especially with the younger generations, is the new ‘indie’ and ‘hipster’ fashion movements. The style for these sorts of people is quite unique and in certain facets, is a throwback to fashion styles of generations past.

Inspirations for such movements look to have emerged from the notion of being thrifty, buying inexpensive pieces, often from Thrift Shops. Therefore it is no wonder these pieces have an aged personality to them.

Ironically, now that these pieces are becoming more sought after, the cheap inexpensive items of clothing that were sought out by people who were frequenting these Thrift Shops are now looking for more high end items. So the cheap pieces are now being produced and sold for a considerable price.

Take these shoes for example. My favourites would comfortably be the Le Silla Blue and Black leather toed shoe. They look trendy with out looking like they will be out of fashion anytime soon. What’s more is that they don’t look to flashy. Some of the other shoes, such as the red Ursula Mascaro would only appeal to a certain niche crowd, where as the Le Silla appear to be far more flexible.

View the Le Silla shoes here:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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