Trend Report | Walk Like an Egyptian. Michael Kors Tribute to Ancient Egypt…

Michael Kors

Pyramid Inspired Bracelets.. by Michael Kors…

In 1985 The Bangles released a song called ‘Walk Like an Egyptian.’ And while this latest piece of jewellery by Michael Kors isn’t a bangle (it’s actually a bracelet), you still have the opportunity to strut your stuff just like the pharaohs with this pyramid inspired piece.

The truth is though, there is not many people who will be looking at Egypt right now with jealous eyes. So much so, the Bangles would consider changing their smash hit ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ to ‘Protest Like an Egyptian.’

The whole collection is centred towards Egypt inspired designs. The rich history of the ancient state will forever be engraved in our minds, and the Kors designs are a real homage to the beauty of the ancient world. What’s more is you will not be giving away all of your treasures to claim one of these pieces, as they are modestly priced – this piece in particular goes for just $165 dollars.

But, this item is not actually ready for delivery just yet, all orders being processed on the Michael Kors website will not be shipped until later this month. Therefore, be one of the first to lay your hands on this item before they are all banished to the realms of history.

View the Golden Leather Pyramid Bracelet here:

And the rest of the collection can be viewed at:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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