Trend Report | The Smell of Leather. Ralph Lauren’s Duffel Reeks Class…

Ralph Lauren Duffel

Gent’s Leather Duffel Bag.. High-End Leather at its finest…

You know what you are going to get if you purchase your clothes from Ralph Lauren. The colour of the polos may change and the cut of the pants may as well, but you know what they will look like and you know whether or not they will suit you. There are not terribly many fashion labels that also have golf accessories, and this I think is a great summary of what Ralph Lauren is…

Clothes for the golfing man. Don’t be mistaken, this is not an article about retirees who play golf; this is just about people who play golf. And more often than not they’d have to be successful golfers to afford to shop at Ralph Lauren. These are the ‘I always tuck my shirt in’ kind of people. In the same way Louis Vuitton is renowned for having the world’s most recognisable tote bag (Louis Vuitton’s new ‘Double V’ Pistachio Tote.. No normal nut…, July 3rd), Ralph Lauren has the most famous men’s shirt. Similar to the Vuitton bag, Ralph Lauren does not modify their trademark item excessively because they have created a piece that lasts a long time in fashion – which is obviously a rarity.

Along with their polos, Ralph Lauren are also known as one of the stalwarts of the fashion industry when it comes to the mainstream production of high-end leather goods. Featuring in this article is the simplistically titled “Gents Leather Duffel Bag,” a no-nonsense name from a no-nonsense brand. The bag looks like it would smell really nice. Not that I’m overly fond of the smell of cow or whichever animal it was they pulled the leather from to produce this bag… I just love the smell of leather. But for approximately $1250 you would hope that this bag would smell pretty good, feel pretty good, and to make sure it didn’t leave out any of the other senses and that you got ‘bang for your buck’… it should probably also taste really good too.

Ralph Lauren reeks class, smell it here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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