Trend Report | Louis Vuitton’s new ‘Double V’ Pistachio Tote. No normal nut…


New Design.. By Louis Vuitton 2013-14…

Louis Vuitton Handbags are the most recognisable fashion accessory in the world because of the masterful combination of their brand name, and their design. At first glance, I was alarmed to find their new ‘Double V’ Pistachio coloured leather tote had moved away from the patented LV design, but on closer inspection, there it is, quite refined, on the two wings of the bag.

The use of the pistachio colour is interesting. The nut itself is sweet on the inside, and usually a nice roasted and warm colour on the outside. Furthermore, the sound of the word pistachio is obviously infinitely more appealing than calling the bag, the “Louis Vuitton Almond,” the “Louis Vuitton Macademia,” or worse still the “Louis Vuitton Peanut.”

What makes this handbag as good as it is, is the combination of a few things. The most important, is that it is fresh. It’s a new design that doesn’t immediately look as if it is a Louis Vuitton bag, which, to be honest, is something the line has needed for it to continue to be the world benchmark in handbags. But, the designs are subtle enough that you can tell they hold true to the design of Louis Vuitton bags from the past.

This is a fresh makeover for a 21st century classic.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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