Trend Report | An appointment with Mysticism. Exotic Dior Expands further…


Jewellery Art.. by Dior 2013…

We’ve featured Dior quite a bit here at The-Accessories-Guild, but the colours infused in this most recent line are too much to let slip.

The headline reads, My Appointment with Mysticism, which truly conveys the otherworldly feeling of this item, and this collection. Judging from some of Dior’s recent works, they are making a concerted effort to move away from just selling jewellery, and are beginning to sell ideas, concepts and pieces of art.

Unsurprisingly, this is another item aimed at the neon Asian market. The colour scheme suggests that this piece was made just for the growing Asia, and the extravagance of the design also holds to that sentiment

If you are interested in exploring Dior more, kindly have a look at this stunning video produced by Dior, highlighting some of their more glamorous accessories.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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