Trend Report | It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wore one…


Men with bags.. Trending now!…

We all laughed at Zach Gallifinakis in The Hangover for his opinions towards his man bag. But the continued development of the ‘modern man’ is exposing how accurate the Gallifinakis satire is.

The modern man has regular appointments at the hairdressers, he is reducing the stereotyped gender gap between how long in takes men and women to get ready before they go out, and he is using hairdryers in lieu of the more traditional method of waiting.

But what, to the modern man, is the most important part of his look? The truth? He doesn’t want you to know. The modern man wants to look great, but also look as if he hasn’t even tried to look great. He tries to convince you that he got out of bed and just looked like that. The youth of today seem to view the word ‘effort’ as kryptonite, which results in a scruffy sought of modern manliness. Therefore his hair is rough, but neat, outfits are often always on the border of smart casual/formal, but the give away, is the accessories.

Nothing says I care how I look quite like swayed shoes, a gleaming watch, designer iPhone cases, and of course, a satchel. Next time you’re down at your local shopping centre, keep an eye out for the person who tries his best to look ‘accidentally’ good. And if you walk past him, and you can smell the aroma of hairspray, smile, because you know he has tried much harder than he is letting on!

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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