Trend Report | One City’s Fashion Statement. Seoul’s prestigious ‘Simone Handbag Museum’…


Asia Focus.. Seoul’s ‘Simone Handbag Museum’…

Seoul, Korea, is slowly growing to become one of the fashion capitals of the world. Underlining this, is a recent trip Miranda Kerr made to Korea as the face of Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetics.

What should be high on Kerr’s priority list when out site-seeing Seoul, is popping in to view the fledgling “Simone Handbag Museum,” located in the now world famous, Gangnam district (nicknamed as the Beverley Hills of Korea). This really is a must see if you visit Korea, and you won’t miss it either, as the museum is shaped as a handbag. Here is what the website of the museum has to say:

“[Our] focus is upon fashionable handbags, created for women to carry, convey and safeguard small personal items. Exhibits include the latest ‘it’ bags of the 21st century and rare specimens that date back to the 1500s.”

Satirised by Psy, in his worldwide hit Gangnam Style, is Gangnam, a city of high spending, luxury and extravagance.  Home of the rich and famous in Korea, Gangnam is slowly becoming a world leader in fashion and design. Future trends will undoubtedly be born in Korea, and the advent of places like the handbag museum, only serves to underline this growth.

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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