Trend Report | Dr. Suess asks. Is Fendi Trendi?…


Is Fendi Trendi?.. New collection 2013-14…

Dear reader,

Please do not be offendi-ed by what you are about to read (or any terrible puns I may make), but Fendi, why did you let Dr Seuss design your latest handbag?

True, some of the items in this collection look ok, but if I was asked to make 37 items, surely a handful would be up to scratch, and surely one of them wouldn’t look like a mutilated character from Sesame Street.

Fendi should be praised for their daringness and drive to be trendy, but something has got to give. We have already discussed Fendi’s fur booties in a previous post (Fall Animal Accents… Fail Animal Accidents…) and it is still quite evident that these shoes are trying too hard to impress. I’d rather not try at all, then try really hard with those shoes, and still look terrible.

Redeeming qualities? Most of the items in this set that don’t have any fur are bearable. But even some of the colour matching is a bit wayward. Fashion, at times, should be brash, daring and new, but creating new fashion doesn’t always work out, as is the case here.

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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