Trend Report | Greco-Roman inspirations. More than just a glamour item…

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 A must have.. A must buy…

Is it the framing that makes these pieces stand out? Is it the designs that make these pieces stand out? Or is it the price tags that make these pieces stand out? Irrespective, when we combine all three aspects, these June-July must haves really stand out.

Coming from some of the world’s most renowned jewellery designers, these pieces hark back to the Greco-Roman age of classic beauty. These items are almost contradictory in their design, because they look so simple, and so effortless, but on closer examination the detail is something to be marvelled at.

With designs by Bulgari, Oscar de la Renta and Dior featuring as my favourites in US Harpers Bazaar July amalgamation, the truth is, you could ask 30 different people what their favourite piece is, and you could get 30 different answers. But to be honest, I don’t really like the skull pieces. I don’t see the point, or the beauty in these items, especially when contrasted to the other more aesthetic items.

For those of you who view accessories as more than just items to be looked at, this is for you. Each piece has its own personality and its own story.

Items on show are as follows:

1.  Wilfredo Rosado earring $12,800

2.  Simon Teakle ring, $5,500

3.  Noor Fares pendant, $10,208

4.  Bottega Veneta ring, $940

5.  Danielle Queller earring, $8,360

6.  Amedeo ring, $3,200

7.  Stephen Dweck Jewelry ring, $1,685

8.  Stephen Russell brooch, POA

9.  Bulgari necklace, POA

10. Fred Leighton brooch, POA

11. Oscar de la Renta necklace, $890

12. Elizabeth Locke ring, $3,850

13. Amedeo pendant, $3,000

14. Noor Fares pendant, $10,208

15. Cathy Waterman necklace, POA

16. Elizabeth Locke pendant, $6,050

17. Wilfredo Rosado ring, $10,200

18. Wilfredo Rosado pendant, $6,400

19. AH Jewels brooch, POA

20. Amedeo pendant, $2,800

21. Amedeo brooch, POA

22. Coomi pendant, $14,800

23. Amedeo ring, $2800

24. Jill Heller Jewelry ring, $1,600

25. Stephen Dweck Jewelry ring, $1.585

26. Noor Fares ring, POA

27. Dior Fine Jewelry earring, POA

28. Amedeo pendant, $4,000

29. Camilla Dietz Bergeron cuff, $1,250

30. Puro Losselliani ring, $719.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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