Trend Report | Leather and Suede. Transcending Style…


Leather Everywhere.. Givenchy by Riccardo Tisei…

Variety. Music to the ears of any money and fashion-conscious person. Right now in the fashion world we are entering a period where nearly anything can work. Be it pearls, onesies or afros. The strength of this is that almost every article of clothing, every handbag and every shoe in your wardrobe can be used.

Shoes in particular are coming to the fore. Be it boots, pumps, flats or sneakers, they all have a place in the current realms of fashion. Shown above is an editorial that highlights the current trend for variety. There is, however, one thing all of these shoes have in common. The material.

Leather or suede. There is no other alternative. There is no canvas and no vinyl. This collection is all about Leather and its different forms. What is key to this is that the leather is transcending styles. Not only is the Liviana Conti blue boot in leather, but so is the Roberto Del Carlo Heel. These are two distinctly different styles of shoe brought together by a common material.

My pick would actually be the Givenchy by Riccardo Tisei. I like it because this design, matched with this material, is not a common combination. But Tisei does it well. Givenchy is known for being a bit daring and out-there, but this shoe is relatively sleek and conformist.

Check out some more daring pieces by Givenchy here:


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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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