Trend Report | Lumpy Lunch Clutch or Chic Neon? Schouler 2014…

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“Large Lunch Bag Degrade”.. By Proenza Schouler…

From the Spring 2014 fashion shows we have looked at here at the Accessories Guild we can see that there is some conjecture about what the new trends will be. I would love if the designs by Proenza Schouler were the basis for which all Spring fashion was designed.

But on further research, I’ve found out that what I wanted, was indeed Schouler’s 2013 Spring Collection. Full of colour and vibrance, this collection lifts the soul and pushes aside any gloom one could be experiencing. It’s fantastic. However, spring 2014 will be taking on a completely different look.

I don’t want to say it’s a dull collection, but it certainly isn’t a happy one. There isn’t really any colour in it, only black, white and the shades of grey in between. The models scare me a bit too.

Accessories time! The photo up at the top of this article is of the “Large Lunch Bag Degrade” and I believe the photo we have posted puts the clutch is a better light than the Schouler website does. The eye catching neon of the bag in the photo above really stands out and makes the clutch pop. But on the Schouler website the bag looks like a filed down hedgehog that has been tie-dyed.

Check out the links below

Schouler’s Vibrant Spring 2013:

Scary model?

The Lumpy Lunch Clutch:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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