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Do you love the Love Necklace?.. by Lanvin…

Cornrows… really? I know I’m supposed to talk about the necklace in this picture for this article, but cornrows!? Are the fashion stylings of D-List 1990’s Boy Bands finally making an impact on modern trends? I hope not.

Believe me, I want to talk about the necklace, but once I move down the photo from the cornrows I’m then left staring at the complexion of the model who looks absolutely stoned. So, question is, did the cornrows lead to the drug taking, or did the drug taking lead to the cornrows? It’s the Chicken and the Egg debate I guess.

I don’t mind the necklace, but it is a bit big, and it’s a bit overpowering too. Don’t get me wrong, with the black skivvy and the black jacket, the necklace looks really good. But if the necklace didn’t have a canvas to present itself, would it look as good? To be fair, I think it would. A nice spring/summer dress that had a really playful look to it would give the necklace some really great shape.

If you do choose to wear this, don’t over complicate it. Too much, in this case, really would be too much. There is a bit of a bite to this piece though, as it costs upwards of $900 dollars.

There is a whole range of items available by Parisian label LANVIN that display lots of quirky words, check them out here:

Here is the Love Necklace:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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