Trend Report | Fendi Branches out into Horror Movies. Is Fendi the New Chucky?…

FendiThe Grumpy Cat of Fashion.. Is Obscure the new Black?..

Fashion meets the horror movie Chucky with this latest display from Fendi. Sometimes designers want to make their stuff appear “out there,” but it almost seems as if Fendi has hired their designers from a school of Abstract Art, and sourced all of their material from old Toys’R’Us stock.

With multi-coloured pom poms for hands and feet, and a marijuana crop for hair, this editorial combines different items from Fendi’s collection. The head of the photo has already been discussed here at The-Accessories-Guild as being a Fendi handbag, with a Fendi clutch appearing to make up the mid rift of the creation.

The title of the editorial is L’émoi du mois, which translates to ‘the excitement of the month.’ My question is, what month are they talking about? Was it a recent month where nothing happened? or was is it a month centuries ago during the plague where a design such as this toured Medieval Europe putting on a show for melancholic bubonic plague sufferers. Or perhaps I’m blind, and don’t see the glory of this disheveled plush toy.

Do you think it’s a fashion faux pas or a brilliant fashion masterstroke?

Fendi’s mini baguette:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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