Trend Report | Michael Kors’ New Look. Mercedes New York Fashion Week..

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Determined Looks.. by Michael Kors…

Grab your bags ladies, it is time to shop. But make sure that you literally grab them. I don’t care if they have a handle or if they’re too heavy to hold in your hands… just grab them!

The recent trend coming out of Michael Kors’ Mercedes New York Fashion Week catwalk is that your handbag’s handles or straps are now redundant. All of the stunning models that strutted down the Kors catwalk had their bags either clamped under their arm or clasped in their hands.

This look makes the model seem more powerful and in control of her appearance. She is sending a message to the fashionistas of the world that she is confident and ready for business. As a result of this new look, the opposite hand that doesn’t have anything to carry, is now left as a feature. It stands out.

Most of the bags featured on the catwalk contrasts delicately with the outfit.

All of the looks currently displayed on the Mercedes fashion week website can be viewed here:

Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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