Trend Report | Revlon by Marchesa. 3D Jewel Appliques…

Revlon by Marchesa Nails 2013

Marchesa.. For Revlon…

It is a natural progression that the improvement of all technologies related to fashion would have a flow on effect on the intricate designs we see in the fashion world. Now, the intricate designs you could only get from nail salons are readily available over the counter. Revlon by Marchesa offers 3D jewel Appliques that can easily be applied to nails.

I would suggest that these pieces are not for everyday use. But that depends on your style. They are very delicate designs and would compliment a evening dress. That said, if your casual dress style is quite flamboyant and colourful, these pieces would match your clothing choices well. Marchesa for Revlon are  great for those of you who seek glamour, but are also short on time, as they just need to be applied to the top of your nails.

Nail art has been on trend this year, with Chanel being one of the forerunners in producing nail rings (rings that wrap around your nails). If I had a choice between nail rings and nail appliques, I’d go with the appliques. For me, they are more eye-catching and more pleasant to view that would leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, they are effortless to wear, and come with such an array of designs you could wear a different one for everyday of the week.

View them online here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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