Trend Report | Prada Sneakers 2014. Too Cool for School?

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Just, Cool..  Prada 2013-14…

I don’t know if the word ‘cool’ is ‘cool’ anymore, but if ‘cool’ is still ‘cool’ then these are cool.

The Avenue Shoe, calf leather high-top sneaker with blue and black, contrast brilliantly to create a very sporting and sleek shoe. The quality of the photo shoot is on another level. It’s almost as if these Prada shoes are being advertised on the same wave length as many top echelon sport shoes.

However, entering the current fashion trends of 2014, are these shoes too cool? I don’t want to talk these shoes down, pardon my colloquial talk, because these shoes are sweet. But are they geared towards the current fashion trends of today? For the majority of young male fashion, I’d say no. They’re not as on trend as something like boat shoes, or even old Chuck Taylor’s. The current trends of today are quite minimalist, and rarely sleek.

I couldn’t source a price for these online, but I’d expect them to go for anywhere above $500

Get the specs here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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