Trend Report | Halloween Accessories 2013. You’re Not a Wizard Without a Wand..


Can’t live for ever?.. Wear some gloves!

Halloween is literally just around the corner … tomorrow, so the-accessories-guild is going to take a look at how accessories can influence some of our most loved fictional characters. After all, where would Batman be without his mask, Clarke Kent without his glasses, and Luke Skywalker without his Lightsaber.

It seems the best way to mask your inner superhero (or villain) is to strategically gather some form of fabric and drape it neatly over a portion of your face. But just because you can leap over buildings in a single bound, doesn’t mean that you can’t have legitimate first world problems. For example, the Wolverine probably enjoys wearing gloves and the feeling of leather between his fingers, but how many pairs would he have to buy before he decided that enough was enough, and he could no longer justify his huge financial outlay on gloves.

It is the accessories that make a halloween costume. You are no Harry Potter without a wand, No Gandalf without a staff, and no Duffman without the requisite belt of beer.

So, while you may have your latex one piece superman costume already sorted out, remember that you are no Clarke Kent without the glasses.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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