Trend Report | James Bond 2013-14. Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style..

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Bond.. James Bond…

Museums may be a place for history and art, but who said we couldn’t squeeze a fictional character or two in there for good measure.

As part of the ‘Designing 007’ exhibition, countless items from Bond’s past will be on display. The Gadget room will highlight some of the more advanced Bond equipment, there will be a room devoted to the set displays of the Bond movies, and of course, there will be a chunk of the display committed to highlighting some of the best outfits of Bond’s history.

James Bond is probably just as famous for being devilishly handsome and well-dressed, as he is famous for being devilishly handsome and constantly naked. He truly is a man who knows how to break up his working life, and his love life.

Bond is a man of many gadgets and accessories, ranging from his Casino Royale Defibrillator, to his Omega Seamaster Professional watch, a handy little brand endorsement by the worlds most famous spy.

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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