Trend Report | Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashion 2013. How Fascinating!..

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.55.29 PM 1

Miss Jaydee Paino.. Winner of the 2010 Fashions on the Field Women’s Racewear National Winner…

In Australian fashion, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Which is a pity… is this really how big it gets?

It may not be the Oscars or New York Fashion Week, but it is a chance for everyone to dress up, and to act as a star for the day.

The Fashions on the Field competition has now passed 50 years of existence. While fashion may have changed over the years, this competition has remained an ever-constant. From its humbler beginnings, with a “less than £30” competition, to now, with the overall Women’s Racewear National competition, with a prize pool of over $100,000, it’s safe to say this competition is really taking off.

The best aspect of this competition is the amount of winners who would be classified as every day Australians. Some of them may be design students, or budding models, but often the winners are just people who have a hobby of fashion design.

The fascinators are a clear sign that it is Melbourne Cup time, and these accessories are crucial in deciding who will ultimately take out the National Competition.  It’s hard to predict the trends year-by-year, so have a look through this great photo gallery put together by the Melbourne Cup Carnival, which features all of the winners from the last 50 years.

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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