Trend Report | Balenciaga Shoes. Mixing Things Up..

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Spring 2014. Balenciaga…

In today’s fashion climate, there are not many brands that offer strictly to a niche market. Seen above are just 12 of the numerous shoes on sale by Basque brand Balenciaga. From Boots to Derbies, the collection on display would appeal to many markets.

The item that stands out the most in this Balenciaga collection would have to be the moderately priced Pink Stretch Sneakers, that sell for around $650. If you were walking through a department store, you often wouldn’t see those sneakers on sale directly next to the other shoes in the collection, but to cut across so many styles is a necessity for many brands in the current fashion climate of the world.

The Spanish born, French based brand, carries itself very well on the international scene, and some of the designs that premiered at this years Paris Fashion Week, by designer Alexander Wang, are a homage to the original styles that helped launch Balenciaga almost 100 years ago.

Browse through these Balenciaga shoes here:

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Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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