Trend Report | Genny Shoes. Maintain Your Pose..

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Classic.. Genny Resort 2014…

I hope the model who features in every single one of the Genny Resort 2014 photos is a fan of playing dress ups. Because in these photos she had to wear in excess of 20 different outfits and maintain the same pose for each one. With so much variety, it is hard to scope out one particular item that is more worthy of being featured than the rest.

To help maintain the continuity of the photo shoot, the model wears the same pair of shoes. These delicate, white leather heels offer a great canvas for any woman to design upon. In this range the shoes feature alongside darker blacks, more prominent violets, and even some hipster inspired oranges.

My problem with Genny is the accessibility of their online store. I understand that they are an exclusive label, and they deserve to be, especially considering the quality and style of the garments that they are producing. But the website does not allow for you to look at any one product or to even find the name of the product. Genny, be exclusive, that’s fine, conceal the price like other brands do, but please make the rest of your website a bit more open to visitors interested in the garments and accessories you have produced.

The Resort 2014 Collection:

Be Guided by the Guild.

Sean Hyatt.

Accessories Contributor.

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