Trend Report | I need to wear glasses. But nothing suits my face..

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Ray Ban New Release.. Top Black on Green..

I need glasses. I’ve never worn glasses before, but now at age 20, I need glasses. Fortunately, I’m not prejudiced against glasses wearers, in fact, many of my good friends wear glasses. But now that I need them, I can see a few problems (no pun intended).

My big stupid head is not ideal for any form of accessory. Baseball hats don’t get around the circumference of my head too well, there is no panama hat that could fit my mug, I don’t even grow facial hair stylishly, nothing works. Glasses are the same, my nose isn’t exactly huge, but it certainly makes itself known to a room of strangers. Moreover, my ears seem to sit on different levels, so one arm of the glasses is bound to sit higher than the other one.

More troubling, my fashion style falls into the category of coincidental handsomeness. Essentially, I like to look good, I want to look good, but I also want to look like I haven’t gone out of my way to look good. I prefer if people think how I look is just a coincidence, that I wake up looking the way that I do. But to keen observers and friends alike, the appearance of some glasses on my face will be obvious. And I need proper glasses, not those “I can’t read the fine print, I need glasses” glasses; these are the  “are those beige pants or are you just happy to see me? oh, sorry, I need glasses,” glasses.

Thick rimmed glasses are trendy, Ray Bans in particular are having a boom period with current hipster trends, but thick-rimmed glasses are a fashion statement. Do I need glasses or a fashion statement or both? I don’t want to commit too much to the extent that people will question if I need glasses, or if I just want to look “hip” and “now.”  So, what glasses does a fashion conscious Elephant man such as myself purchase?

My glasses can’t be too tiny because that’d be like Sofia Vergara wearing a bikini that was 2 sizes too small. And they can’t be too big because then I’ll look like I’m chasing a new image for myself, which goes against my own individual fashion principles. What I need is the Goldilocks of glasses, nothing too big, nothing too small, I need some that are just right. I need a pair that has thin arms so my ear imbalance is not accentuated, but they need to also have pretty big lenses, preferably with thin frames.

My choice is this featured pair of Ray-Bans. They aren’t lavish, and they don’t immediately jump out at you. But on closer inspection, they are from a renowned glasses brand, the hint of green allows them to look a little bit ‘out-there,’ and they have the thin arms / big lenses combination that my face needs. It’s a tough choice deciding what glasses to buy, after all, they will be the only guaranteed accessory on my body for the upcoming couple of years. Make sure you research well, it’s one of the bigger fashion commitments you can make!

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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