Trend Report | Buccellati Diamonds. Keep it in the family..

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Diamonds.. Family Elegance…

There is something romantic in our modern world when a company is passed down from generation to generation. Growing accessibility to greater education and an emphasis on independence has seemingly bludgeoned a stake into family run businesses. However, there are still some spot fires that keep this idea alive, and one such example is italian jewellery brand, Buccellati.

Not only do Gianmaria and Andrea Buccellati (son and grandson of the founder, Mario Buccellati) run the business, but they are also the companies co-designers. And it’s easy to understand why they hold these positions, when you consider some of the designs that they produce.

Featured above is an emerald encrusted diamond necklace. Similar to a recent article we posted on the-accessories-guild, I have a little complaint about the website. The design is similar to one you’d expect from a coffee table flip book. It has some amazing pieces of jewellery in it, but again, there is no information section. I love a good picture book, but I appreciate hearing about the craft that goes into producing these pieces of jewellery.

Check out the flip book here:

Be guided by the guild.

Sean Hyatt

Accessories Contributor

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